Top Tips When Hiring Earthmovers

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Top Tips When Hiring Earthmovers

Top Tips When Hiring Earthmovers

17 July 2019
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Contractors require earthmovers to dig and move large quantities of soil when building foundations and roads. Hiring an earthmover is often a daunting task for most contractors. However, with the tips below, you should have an easy time hiring earthmovers. 

Company Reputation

Different earthmovers have varying capabilities. For example, excavators manufactured by reputable companies may be easy to operate as they use sophisticated modern technology. Most contractors will not factor in the equipment's reliability, torque and fuel consumption when hiring earthmoving machines. However, these are vital considerations since you need the work done quickly and at a low cost. Conduct some online research or make inquiries from fellow contractors to determine the best machines to hire.

Terms of Hire 

As a rule of the thumb, work with a company that has reasonable terms of hire. Some of your primary considerations should include:

  • Does the company provide transport services to and from your site?
  • Are you allowed to move the earthmover to different locations?
  • Does the company provide routine maintenance services?
  • How does the company handle disputes? 

Condition of the Equipment

Inspect the earthmover before it is delivered to your site. New machines rarely break down, but it's a good idea to choose an earthmover with a comprehensive insurance cover. Ask the company to provide you with an inspection report to certify the mechanical condition of the machine. 

If you choose to hire the equipment online, ask for photos to ensure it is the machine you require. Further, you must be present when the company delivers the earthmover. If the machine is faulty, contact the company immediately.


You must understand the company's pricing strategy. For example, does the company provide both dry and wet rates? Conduct a cost-benefit analysis to determine which option suits you best. To keep up with the competition, some earthmover hire companies will not charge when the machine is idle. Others might have different rates if the earthmover works during holidays and weekends.

When should you make payments? Avoid companies that impose severe penalties if you are late with payments. Also, ask the company to provide you with a contract detailing the terms of agreement. 

The company providing earthmoving services should have a robust customer care department. Besides, it should provide you with plant operators and mechanics. 

Remember to use the right earthmover for the right job. Also, observe on-site safety measures to avoid accidents. Leave a review of the company you choose to work with to ensure other contractors have an easy time hiring earthmovers. 

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