Why a Spiral Staircase Could Be the Answer to Your Small Space

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Why a Spiral Staircase Could Be the Answer to Your Small Space

Why a Spiral Staircase Could Be the Answer to Your Small Space

28 October 2020
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If you live in a relatively small property in a city centre location, you may not have a tremendous amount of room to expand. Certainly, you may have the right number of bedrooms for your family but would rather have one additional room so people can spread out. In an ideal world, you could use the loft or attic following a little renovation, but it's difficult to access and not very practical. In this situation, have you thought about introducing a spiral staircase because this could be the perfect solution?

Easy to Access

Conventionally, an overhead attic has a pulldown hatch and a telescoping ladder of some kind. You need to pull on a rope to set the process in motion, and the ladder will certainly be in the way when it is fully deployed. This type of situation is not acceptable, of course, and if you are going to use a redeveloped attic, it must be easy to access as well.

Spiral Solution

You may be able to install a purpose-made spiral staircase in the corner of your room instead. This will have a very small footprint and will not eat into your precious space and will, crucially, be a permanent access point.

Practical and Safe

Spiral staircases can be a very contemporary addition to your home, as well. They're made from sturdy materials and will feature nonslip panels which makes them easy to use in most cases. While they're certainly designed for people and not for heavy items, you can always use the original hatch if you need to move bulky things up and down during renovation.


If you want to develop the attic space for everyday use, it will need to feel as if it is an integral part of the home. If members of the family feel that they are too remote up there or it is simply a chore to access, then they may not take advantage. You may waste money in trying to renovate the space as a consequence, and should pay particular attention to your staircase.

Your Best Option

In most situations, it may not be practical to build a conventional staircase in your space-restricted home. You should talk with contractors about the spiral option instead, and you will find it to be a very cost-effective alternative. And don't forget, you will be able to add value to the property at the same time and increase the liveable space.

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