Designing a Kitchen to Feel More Spacious

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Designing a Kitchen to Feel More Spacious

Designing a Kitchen to Feel More Spacious

29 June 2021
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You may wish for a larger and more spacious kitchen. To get this effect, though, you don't have to push walls outwards. When remodelling, just pick specific design components. Here are a few pointers.

Pale Colours

Choose pale colours for surfaces such as walls, cabinets, countertops, splashbacks and floors. Breaking up the kitchen with dark contrasting cabinetry, colour-blocks the space into different zones. If you use comparable tones on various surfaces, the transitions will be minimised, and the room will appear to flow. This consistency creates the illusion of a larger kitchen.

Glass Splashback

Install a smooth glass splashback to open up the room even further. The glass panels fit together smoothly, and the surface isn't marred by grout lines between small tiles. By removing visual clutter, clean lines provide a feeling of space. Additionally, polished glass reflects light throughout the kitchen, particularly over the worktops, making the room look brighter and larger.

Seamless Flooring

You could also remove the flooring's busy lines. Install polished concrete, for example, to create a light-reflective continuous surface. The concrete's pebbles and other aggregates give the flooring an earthy feel, comparable to genuine stone floors but without the tile joints. If you do decide to lay tiles, go for bigger ones with fewer joints. When installing floor planks, broader planks will show fewer seams than narrower boards. To provide the impression of space, place them parallel to the long walls.


Installing minimal roller or Venetian blinds will help create a light and open kitchen that feels larger. Also, avoid building cabinetry that will obscure the view out the windows. You could choose to instal a skylight or tubular tunnel, depending on the room's design. Vertical windows receive less light than ones that face upward that catch the sun's and sky's brightness. Vertical windows, on the other hand, receive less direct sunshine and more light reflected from nearby surfaces such as the earth, trees and fence. A skylight also opens up the room by breaking up the opaque ceiling with an aperture.

Thus, while remodelling custom kitchens, favouring some design choices will make the area feel larger. Choose a light-reflecting pastel colour scheme. Glass splashbacks and floors with a gleaming finish can also assist. Install surfaces like polished concrete and expansive glass panels instead of busy surfaces like small tiles separated by grout. Finally, allow as much natural light as possible to enter the room.

To get help with your custom kitchen, contact a general contractor near you.

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