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Designing a Kitchen to Feel More Spacious

29 June 2021
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You may wish for a larger and more spacious kitchen. To get this effect, though, you don't have to push walls outwards. When remodelling, just pick specific design components. Here are a few pointers. Pale Colours Choose pale colours for surfaces such as walls, cabinets, countertops, splashbacks and floors. Breaking up the kitchen with dark contrasting cabinetry, colour-blocks the space into different zones. If you use comparable tones on various surfaces, the transitions will be minimised, and the room will appear to flow.
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Hello, my name is Phil. Welcome to my blog. I recently bought a new property at a great price. Unfortunately, the place was pretty old and shabby. I tried to do some DIY projects in my spare time, but it was taking a long time and my wife wasn't very happy. Thankfully, my friend suggested I hire a general contractor. The guy I hired was great and was able to do a wide range of jobs. He soon fixed up the place and had it looking great. I decided to start this blog to encourage others to hire a general contractor.