Simple Guidelines on Preserving Old Wooden Window Frames

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Simple Guidelines on Preserving Old Wooden Window Frames

Simple Guidelines on Preserving Old Wooden Window Frames

22 February 2017
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Wooden window frames have a traditional appearance which enhances the general aesthetics of residential structures. In addition, good timber is highly durable, so the frames will provide long-term service after installation. On the other hand, wooden construction materials are susceptible to damage and weathering when exposed to bad environmental conditions. Therefore, if you want to enjoy the frame features in your home for longer, you must perform some maintenance tasks. Here are important guidelines on preserving your old wooden frames against common causes of damage.

Protecting Against Penetrating Damp

Timber is vulnerable to damage and rot if exposed to moisture. Therefore, you should protect your frames from penetrating damp in order to prolong its lifespan. New wooden frames are normally pressure treated or varnished to prevent type of damage. However, as the windows grow old, the protective coating will finish. You can prevent structural damage by refinishing the frames. In simple terms, clean the timber and let it dry. You can also sand the surface to eliminate the old material. Apply a layer of paint, oil or wax to prevent the penetrating of moisture. If there are signs of rot, consider using commercial boron wood treatment to stop the degradation.

Avoiding Pest Attack

You should treat your old timber frames against pest attack or infestation. Older homes are particularly vulnerable to this problem because the wood might not have been treated properly or the chemical might no longer be effective. The main concern for your timber frames is termites. However, wood borers might also be an issue, depending on your area of residence. You should consider applying a preventative insect repellent or insecticide on the frames. You can purchase protective chemicals with compounds such as boric acid for this purpose. Alternatively, choose wood treatment or finishing with insect repellent properties. If you already have an infestation in your home, you should engage a professional pest control expert.

Preventing Mechanical Failure

Finally, you should preserve the mechanical integrity of the window frame for better performance and maximum longevity. The joints in older timber structures can become weak over time, leading to the weakening of the structure. If the wood in your old window frame separates, the ends will become exposed, making the ends vulnerable to moisture penetration. Therefore, consider reinforcing these joints with screws or nails and sealing the gap with resins.

For ideal long-term performance of your windows, consider engaging a licensed contractor to restore the old window frames. Alternatively, you can install new and resilient timber window frames in your home.

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