New Home Builders: Reasons To Consider a Bidet for Your Bathroom

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New Home Builders: Reasons To Consider a Bidet for Your Bathroom

New Home Builders: Reasons To Consider a Bidet for Your Bathroom

24 February 2017
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Despite the bidet being a form of personal hygiene that has been around for centuries, it is still not a common feature in Australian households. It should be noted that the addition of this accessory is not a time-consuming process, especially when you are building a new home or renovating already. Moreover, other than the improved cleanliness that the bidet affords you, there is a wide assortment of advantages that it would provide you with too. So what are some of the reasons why you should consider a bidet for your bathroom?

A bidet is a water-efficient option

A bidet functions by releasing a stream of water to clean your nether regions once you are done using the toilet. This stream of water is significantly less when compared to having to flush a toilet that is crammed with waste as well as tissue paper. As such, by using a bidet beforehand, you throw less tissue into your toilet and in effect require just one flush to clean your toilet. This can lead to significant water savings in the long run.

A bidet comes in versatile designs

Typically when people consider bidets they envision a separate toilet bowl installed in the bathroom. Although this is the traditional design, this is not the only option available to you. If you have limited space in your bathroom, you can choose from an assortment of sizes as well as shapes to ensure that it fits within the space available to you. Additionally, you can also consider a bidet design that is fitted directly into your current toilet, which is also space saving. Therefore, you do not have to worry about whether a bidet will be able to fit within your current bathroom as you have versatile options to choose from.

A bidet is cost effective

Every homeowner is looking for a way to cost-cut their household expenses. A bidet is one addition that will be able to help you save money in the long run. Firstly, you will be using less toilet tissue when you have a bidet installed. Most people do not realise that their toilet paper expenditure is high since this is a necessity. Nevertheless, decreased toilet paper usage can help in making significant savings down the road as you decrease your household's consumption of tissue paper. Secondly, as aforementioned, a bidet helps in making your bathroom habits water efficient. Fewer flushes of your toilet can significantly decrease your water-related bills in the long run.

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