Road Line Markings

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Road Line Markings

Road Line Markings

27 February 2017
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It is hard to imagine driving along highways and streets without road line markings. Without clear barriers, driving in such situations can bee chaotic. As such, road line markings play a significant role in reducing accidents in roads, as well as ensuring traffic flows in an orderly manner.

The Markings

In Australia, road line markings include traffic line arrows, painted islands, lines, turning bays, and dividing strips. These markings are mostly painted in white. The painted lines include the following:

  • Continuous lane lines
  • Continuous centre lines
  • Broken centre lines
  • continuous edge lines
  • Traffic islands
  • Wide centre lines


There are several benefits associated with road line markings.

Road Safety: markings such as rumble strips remind a driver that they are running off the road. When installed on shoulders of a road, these rumbles can also wake up a sleeping driver. As such, these markings enhance the security of the driver and other road users.

Guide Traffic: this is one of the major benefits of road line markings.  The painted lines are used to separate lanes and guide drivers on the specific locations they should drive along. In addition, the lines show the drivers where they can and cannot turn on the lanes.

Increased Efficiencies: By facilitating orderly flow of traffic, road line marking increase efficiencies in terms of road usage. The markings can be used to show where disabled people can park. In additions, the markings can be used to show fire zones and school zones. The marks make it easier for fire trucks, emergency trucks, and school buses to pass.

Additional Applications

In addition to marking roads, line markings hav additional applications.

Sports: there are some sports that are difficult to play without clearly marked lines. Line markings are used to mark tennis and basketball courts, making it easy for the games to be played according to the rules. Athletes have been disqualified for going out of their lanes during a race – especially short distance races and relays. This goes to explain the significance of line marking in sports.

Industrial applications: Although it might still be used on roads in an industrial set up, line markings here might have unique meaning. For instance, the lines may be used to indicate that only cars are allowed to pass – trucks not allowed to pass. In additions, the markings can be used to show where each specific type of vehicle can be parked.

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