Three Considerations for Building the Ideal Residential Balustrade

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Three Considerations for Building the Ideal Residential Balustrade

Three Considerations for Building the Ideal Residential Balustrade

27 February 2017
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Balustrades are useful safety features in the residential environment designed to prevent falls and subsequent injuries. These should be installed in any part of the home where there is potential for vertical displacement, including along the stairs, along balconies and around upper floors. They can also be installed as pool fences to provide protection against accidental falls.

In addition, balustrades can be used to enhance the design of the home. In simple terms, they can act as boundaries, and their appearance will improve the aesthetics of the space. On the other hand, you should remember that the performance and appeal of the feature will depend on the quality of the construction. Therefore, consider these critical factors before building your new residential balustrade. 

Building Regulations

There are regulations that are in place to ensure that balustrades are effective as fall prevention features. Therefore, you must comply with these standards for your own protection and to avoid legal issues arising from failure to follow the pertinent regulations. The full regulations encompass details on the minimum height of the barrier, the spaces between balusters and other similar issues. The requirements will vary depending on the potential fall height and the type of barrier that you would like to create. Moreover, the balustrade must be able to withstand high loading force and resist collapse. You should discuss the strength standards of the barrier with your contractor and how to achieve the goals.


The material selected for residential balustrades is critical. It will affect the performance of the structure in terms of strength, general durability and even the long-term maintenance requirements. In addition, different materials will have varying cost implications, so your choice will determine the budget of your project significantly.

One of the most favoured materials in balustrade construction is steel. This is due to the great balance between performance and affordability. However, you will need to paint the surfaces to improve aesthetics and even perform maintenance to avoid corrosion. Stainless steel is a more resilient alternative, but the cost is significantly higher. If you want a balustrade which does not interfere with your home design extensively, consider installing a glass feature. Other options include wood, aluminium, stone plaster and special polymers.


Finally, you should build a balustrade that will complement and improve your home in terms of visual appeal. Most features are built from individual balusters, so you can choose different spindle, moulds or bar designs. In addition, if you are installing a glass barrier, you can install framed or frameless balustrades.

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